Completed Projects


1.Unit 1, TURBINE Thrust & Guide Bearing No.2 Dismantling for inspection and reinstallation.

2.Unit 1,TURBINE HP Upper stop valve dismantling for inspection and refurbishment of strainers.

3. Unit 1, Unit 2 & Unit 3 TURBINE Steam chest supports modification.

4.Unit 1, Unit 2 TURBINE Resetting of HP & IP cylinders central & axial keys.

5.Unit 1, TURBINE Alignment works on HP, IP,LP1 & LP2.

6.Unit 1, Unit 2 & Unit 3 TURBINE Complete replacement works of 10”motorized turbine vent valve including NDT 01MAL30AA191M.

7.Unit 1,TURBINE Replacement of Control Fluid pumps MAX21AP010KP01.

8.Unit 1, Unit 2 & Unit 3 TURBINE Manpower supply for installation of probes & instrumentation to carry out Performance Guarantee Test.

9.Unit 2, Generator Seal Oil System – Inspection and replacement of generator seals oil ring & complete re-commissioning of Seal Oil System.

10.Unit 3, Generator DE Bearing dismantling and inspection.
11.Unit 1,2&3 Fabricate and Install LP Explosion Port Ducting 12 Unit

12.Unit 1,2,&3 Modification works on Seal Oil Piping convert 3” Pipe to 6” Stainless Steel Pipes

13.Coal Yard Transformer Fabrication & Erection Work on Fire Hydrant Piping.

14.TANJUNG BIN 3 X700 COAL FIRED POWER STATION, Unit 30 STG/BFP Lube Oil ,Gas Piping For Generator and Stator Cooling Water Piping Erection Works.

15.JANAMANJUNG UNIT 3 Generator rotor replacement job, generator bushing replacement & auxiliary inspection work.

16.POWERTEK TELOK GONG GT1A – Generator ‘C’ Inspection stator partial rewind & repair

17.POWERTEK TELOK GONG GT2A – Generator ‘C’ Inspection mechanical work & Diagnostic service.

18.PERAI POWER STATION – Generator ‘C’ Inspection mechanical works.

19.KULIM NUR POWER STATION – NUR : ST1 .3 Generator major inspection, mechanical works.

20.MANJUNG POWER STATION – UNIT 1 3rd Major overhaul Generator ‘C’ Inspection.