Steam & Gas Turbine

Construction, Maintenance & Overhaul of Steam & Gas Turbine

Expertise on providing Maintenance and Construction works for Steam and Gas Turbines in the region of Malaysia.

Construction of Steam Turbine and Generator x 3 units at 2100MW Coal Fired Power Plant.

  • Leveling Turbine basement to stabilize positioning.
  • Placing and set rotor alignment to locate Turbine Generator at leveled basement.
  • Turbine Floor Survey – Civil work
  • Leveling pedestals to Fitting Cylinders and alignment of motor.
  • Day to day monitor of m/c .( motor)

Maintenance of Hydro Turbine Over Haul at Ulu Langat, Power Station.

  • Servicing and maintenance of Hydro Turbine.
  • Greasing Hydro parts to enhance performance.

Modification of Steam Turbine – IP Cylinder Adjustment.

  • Leveling base.
  • Modifications to Turbine Bearings
  • Modifications to Steam Chest Supports
  • Conditioning modification – depends on Turbines condition

Hot, Cold and Acoustic Insulation

Well verse in providing Cold, Hot and Acoustic Insulation for various sizes ranging from private contractors to major industries especially in Power Plants in the region of Malaysia.

We provide competitive services with never compromise with the standard of quality. It’s the main reason we have been well known among the leaders in this Insulation industry